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Magnolia is dedicated to producing an American Staffordshire Terrier of a quality worthy of its Ruffian heritage.

We are proud to list some of the achievements of the great Ruffians that form the genetic matrix that has become known as "Magnolia":

Ch. Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt

All time top producer of champions in the history of the breed. He has produced over 100 champions. He was also a world weight pulling champion.

Ch. Ruffian Hercules of Har-Wyn

All time top producer of champions prior to Redbolt taking the title.

Ch. Atchley's Fanny

All time top producing bitch until the mid 80's. Fanny is further important because she produced champions from 5 different studs, displaying her strong genetic contribution.

Ch. Ruffian Red Rock of Har-Wyn

Top winning show amstaff of his time, who has won 4 best in shows.

Ch. Sky King of Har-Wyn

Sky King won Best of Breed at the Amstaff National Specialty National Specialty 3 times. He is the only Amstaff to do so.

Ch. Patton's Red Rock Skillet

Skillet won Best of Breed at the Amstaff National Specialty 2 times.

Ch. Ruffian Sky Bolt of Har-Wyn

Sky Bolt producted 2 Best in Show Amstaffs and a number of Champions

There are others who have made contributions significant to our line including:

Ch. White Rock Jet Bomber, and Ch. Ruffian Harper of Har-Wyn.

There is no question that the contributions of the Ruffian line is responsible for the greatness of the American Staffordshire Terrier today. Magnolia is proud and honored to carry on in the tradition of this grand old Ruffian line.

Jim Hinman, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.